Tatsuta Park

The Nara prefectural urban park extends 2 kilometers north-to-south along the Tatsuta River. You can enjoy the changing seasons, cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greenery in summer and autumnal leaves in fall. Its beautiful autumn leaves are praised in the two poetry collections, the Kokin Shu (A Collection of Ancient and Modern Poetry) and the Goshu Wakashu (A Collection of Gleanings of Japanese Poems). This park is a place of relaxation for the townspeople.

Basic Infomation

JR Jr Oji station → By bus 7 minutes, bus stop: Tatsuta Bridge, 3-minute walk from
Nishi-Meisaka-ji Horyuji ic, Prefectural Road No. 5, Route 25 via 4KM10 minutes
The cherry blossom season is expected to be crowded. The number of parking spaces in the
Ryuta Park Management Office is limited to 30 cars.
Parking Outside the parking lot is forbidden, so please use public transportation as much as possible
and ask for your visit.