Yata-dera Temple

Yata-dera temple was a large temple that had 7 main buildings with 48 subsidiaries in the late 7th century, but currently only four buildings. The principal image Jizo Bodhisattva of the late 9th century is famous as “Yata-no-Jizo-san. Also, another Miso-licking Jizo is known to be a good taste when you apply your home-made miso to his mouth. It is also known as a hydrangea temple, about 10,000 varieties of hydrangea flowers in 60 different species are blooming in the precinct during the middle of May and the early July.

Basic Infomation

Admission Time
8:30 ~ 17:00
※ Early June to early July only adults 500 yen, elementary school students 200 yen (no Group discount setting)
Handicapped discount
free of charge during the paid period due to the presentation of the Disabled Person's Handbook