The Site of Roof Tiles Kiln

There is a village behind Horinji Temple called “Mii”, which literally means “three wells”. The name of “Mii” was derived from an ancient document describing that Prince Shotoku dug three wells in the old Horinji temple precinct to use in the first bath for his babies. The excavation conducted in 1932 measured about 4.25 meters in depth and 91 centimeters in the upper diameter. The structure is composed of a combination of four stones at the bottom in a square, and water springs through the gaps between them. The sidewall is cylindrical in shape with some swelling around the mid-section. Stones were randomly built up to the level of 1.15 meters from the bottom, and then fan-shaped tiles were piled up to the end about 3 meters. It is presumed that there was a considerably close relation between Horinji temple and this well.

Basic Infomation

JR Yamato Route (35 min. walk from Horyuji station)