Mt. Matsuo, Matsuo-deraTemple

Matsuo-dera temple was built on the hillside of Mt.Matsuo by Prince Toneri in 718 to pray for the successful completion of the Chronicles of antient Japan, as well as expelling evil spirits when he turned 42 years old, climacteric year. It is the Japan’s oldest hallow ground for expelling evil spirits. The principal image, Senju Sengen Kannon Bodhisattva, is a hidden statue which is open to the public only once a year, but Daikokuten (National Important Cultural Property) can be seen all year round. The main hall is designated as a National Important Cultural Property, and prayers are offered every day in the hall. You can have an experience in practice or transcribing a sutra.

Basic Infomation

hours 9:00am-4:00pm
free seven Lucky Gods ADO admission 300 yen
Car park
free ordinary car 100 units