Fujinoki Tumulus

Fujinoki Tumulus was built in the latter half of the 6th century about 400 meters west of Horyuji Temple. A house-shaped stone coffin and many gorgeous funerary goods were excavated such as gilt bronze saddle fittings, harnesses, crown, shoes and swords. The restoration was done in the Fujinoki Tumulus, the earth mound was planted, and commentary boards and benches were installed around the tumulus. No admittance to the stone chamber, but you can view the inside including the original stone coffin through the glass window at the entrance.

Basic Infomation

5 minutes walk to the west of the South Main Gate
The construction work was completed in the Fujinoki Tumulus, and the mounds was planted on the surface of the hill, and a commentary board and a bench were installed in the surrounding area. It is not possible to enter the
Stone room, but you can see the appearance of the stone room and the sarcophagus of the Genuro (the real thing) through the glass window of the iron Door which was installed at the entrance of Ishiuro.