24 Nov, 2018

About the Distribution of "Rekimachi" Card

A history Town development card of Ikaruga town, called"Rekimachi card" is distributed at Horyuji i Center and Ikaruga Cultural Center. In 2008, the "Historical Town Development Act" was enacted in 2009 to encourage the creation of a city that utilized the local historical and cultural assets. In the wake of the tenth anniversary of the enactment of the law, the first in the Kansai region of the historical heritage, the 11 cities that actively engage in historic town development cooperated with each other to promote the charm of the city's historic town-building card (a History town card) was created.
Horyuji I Center distribution time 8:30 ~ 18:00
No closed
Ikaruga Cultural Center Distribution Time 9:00 ~ 17:00 (admission 16:30)
closed Wednesday, New year, Temporary closure due to change of exhibition